Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Joe and Kieran Crack On.

We had another visit from the Infantry Training Centre at Catterick today: Joe came back and brought Kieran with him. Together we managed to finish the Climbing frame/slide, built the swing, and did a good deal of work on the fence. Without them the work would take so much longer and their presence helps to keep me motivated so thanks again guys.
Phase 1 of the fence is almost completed at last. It is a long job, though oddly therapeutic. It could almost be pleasurable but for the fact that most of the skin has been removed from my fingers! The top of the fence will be trimmed into a kind of wave pattern in order to introduce some curves into what otherwise can be an unremittingly linear space.
Joe and Kieran assembling the double swing. C'mon lads, you can't play in there, There's work to do.

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